Sunday, April 7, 2013


I was given instruction by Thomas S. Monson at the priesthood session of General Conference. Although I don't know this man personally I believe he as an inspired servant of God. I believe this because of what I have felt as I have learned from him and because of my convictions concerning the LDS church. He asked that as men we diligently study to word of God. To be honest this is something I have not been doing. I consistently read inspired writings, but many times it lacks the descriptions of diligence or even study. After hearing his instruction I pondered on how I could do better in this area. I realized I have been reading and studying scriptures from a personal perspective for most of my life. When studying I have mostly been concerned with my spiritual progress and have not considered my changing circumstances or other people, This has led to a stagnant method of reading the same old things without gaining significant insights.

I was then reminded of a lesson I had been taught many times but never actually applied. Why do we continue to study the same scriptures over and over throughout out lives? Why are we encouraged to read the Book of Mormon again regardless of if we have read it 50 times before? Many of the reasons are not complex, but one is that we change. We are never the same person from day to day. And so even though we are reading the same words they can take on different meaning for us as we change.

I realized I have been trying to read from the same perspective for too long, so I thought of who I am, who do I want to become, and how I can do better. My favorite and most important role I play is as of a husband and father. I have been a husband for 9 years and a father for 8, but I have not considered this enough when I am studying the scriptures. So I have decided to read and blog as I study the Book of Mormon again, but this time I am going to look for insight an inspiration from my perspective as a husband and father.

This blog will be my notes, thoughts, and perspective as a husband and father as I read the Book of Mormon. This is more for me than anyone, and I do not profess to be a great writer or have any expectations that this will cause significant ripples the blogosphere. But if you have anything to add please do so and I know at least I will feel enlightened through this commentary.


  1. I don't actually have anything to add but I think it's cool that you are doing this. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.