Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Abridgement

1 Nephi 1:2-20

Nephi abridged the record of his father. He knew his father on many levels. First, he saw him as family. Second, he saw him as a prophet. And lastly, he saw him as a historian. I think we all know about the importance of being a good parent. Our children look to us for spiritual guidance, but they also see what we do for others. Lehi "went forth among the people, and began to prophesy" after he had received a vision of Christ, and yet the people did not accept or appreciate his words, and they rejected and "were angry with him". That must have been a powerful example for Nephi. Nephi saw firsthand how to stand up for what is right despite what opposition he faced. Our children need to see that. They need to have a father of principle and integrity. They need to see beyond themselves.

I recently had an incident in a class I taught where I caught someone who was cheating. After the student admitted to cheating, the student said something that really exposed his/her true motives. The student said "at the end of the day, I have to look out for myself". I sure hope that my kids don't think like that, and I hope they don't see me like that. At the end of the day I want my children and others to say "that man/my father cared about other people more than himself". Nephi saw his father looking out for others and I think that made a permanent impression on him and shaped him into a powerful leader.

My last point that Nephi saw his father as a historian is something that I don't necessarily feel is a responsibility of fatherhood. However, I do feel that my children, and my continuing prosperity, will benefit from knowing my history. The best way to provide that is to keep a journal. I have been hot and cold at journal writing, but I think what will help me be more consistent is to think that I am not only writing for personal reasons but also for my family.

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  1. I listen to this talk a few times a year. It always inspires me to write in my journal more diligently.