Monday, April 8, 2013

The testimony of three

The Testimony of Three Witnesses

Three men besides Joseph Smith were able to see the golden plates and add their witness to his of the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. I had a couple of thoughts about parenting when I read this testimony

First: do my children know what my convictions are? I was fortunate to have parents that in both public and private told me how they came to know the gospel of Jesus Christ was true. Their conversion had a powerful influence in my life, and yet my conversion was something unique and different. I feel that my children don't hear it from me enough. I am really not sure if I have told them directly how I came to know what I know, and I think there have been plenty of opportunities. Testimony meetings, family home evenings, during family scripture, when they ask me questions, while giving them correction, just to name a few. They need to hear what I think is important, and then need to be able to find out on their own what is true. I am so thankful for testimony-bearing parents that gave me the opportunity to find out for myself and I want to pass that on to my own children.

Second: All three of these witnesses fell away from the church at some point and only Martin Harris returned later in his life. As a parent and husband what message does it send to our children when we are hypocritical. If we yell at them to stop yelling, if we tell them to be polite and are rude ourselves. I think sometimes we think they aren't listening, or are too young to tell the difference, but I don't think that is the case. I never thought the word "crap" was a particularly bad word until I heard my kids say it. They obviously learned it from me. The power of example and practicing what we preach teaches them integrity, honesty, and models good behavior. I am going to resolve to do better at this.

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