Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith

In Joseph Smith's own words we read his account of how he received the ancient record from the angel Moroni.

Joesph Smith's account is miraculous and hard to believe. Joseph Smith said that he does not blame anyone for not believing his story and he would have had a hard time believing it if it hadn't happened to him (paraphrase). Which makes me wonder why when he told his father, Joseph Smith Sr., his father didn't question him, but replied that his vision was "of God" and he should go and do as instructed. They must have had a close relationship to have that kind of trust.

I want to have that kind of closeness with my children. I want them to be able to tell me anything. So what was it about Joseph Smith and his father that allowed this kind of relationship of trust to develop. One thing that I can think of was that it was a simpler time where families did everything together. They were farmers which required intense and consistent work to not only provide but survive. They could not afford to be lazy. They had to be able to trust each other and I am sure Joseph learned how to be responsible at a young age. I worked for my dad for a summer and I cherish that time because it was the only time in my life that I spent hours every day with him. I got to know him a lot better, and was able to see his example. My mom also taught us how to work in the home. These opportunities to work together formed a relationship of trust that allowed for loving communication to take place.

In short, to develop a trusting relationship with our kids we need to teach our kids how to work and get down and work with them. Working together also gives us an opportunity to talk to each other, and instills a sense of accomplishment. Trust takes work.

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