Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Thy seed" -1 Nephi 12-

As Nephi's vision continues he was shown his progeny including an era of righteousness with the visitation of Christ and the calling of 12 ministers, and and era of wickedness with the destruction and wars of his people. This got me wondering if I were given a glimpse of my posterity what would it look like, even 100 years from now? I think a large part of that can be influenced by the type of father and spouse I am today. Let's look at the contrast in the two eras that Nephi saw.

The first era he was shown in detail was that of righteousness 1 Nephi 11:6-13. The following are the characteristics of the righteous era:

- Christ showed himself unto them - verse 6
- The holy ghost fell upon twelve ministers of Christ - verse 7, 8
- They were purified through faith in the atonement - verse 11

The following are the characteristics of the wicked era:

- Carried away in the temptations of the devil - verse 17
- Blind eyes, hard hearts, and wandering paths - verse 17
- Vain imaginations and pride - verse 18
- Unbelief - verse 22

Which of these do you want to see in your progeny? Obviously the first. So I will do my best as a father to exemplify and implement the principles of Christ that made a peaceful and happy people. Relying faith in the atonement, using the holy ghost to be a leader and following leaders by that same spirit, repenting of past mistakes, and making changes to create a more peaceful home. My hope is that my children will want that same peace and continue in it for generations.

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