Tuesday, October 20, 2015

1 Nephi 13: 1-10 - The great and abominable church

The desires of the world are selfish. The world seeks for money, power, clothes, status, and pride. The results of these desires are loneliness and misery. Nephi saw the manifestation of the world in the formation of a church. I do not see this church as an organization, and I think that is what makes it hard to identify at times. I often see myself aligning myself with this church when I make selfish decisions. As a father, I wonder how do I keep my children away from this church? How can I be a better example? How can I help my children recognize their own pride?
On the other side, the Church of Christ promotes unselfish love for all. Serving, thinking of others, and being humble are the desires of His church. The results of these desires are happiness. Children have many tendencies towards love and humility, but they also have tendencies towards the opposite. I find this especially pertinent towards my older children who have a hard time making decisions based on others, and tends to focus on immediate gratification.
I think one way I will try and help my children more is to look for opportunities to help others with them. When I served others as a child I always felt the spirit of love and joy, if they can feel that then maybe they will seek that feeling in their actions as well.

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