Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mothers 1 Ne 11:15-20

My church is often seen as patriarchal centered, and many view it as sexist, because only men are allowed to hold the priesthood. Although, I have questioned this at times, I think my concerns were well addressed by Elder Dallin H. Oak's talk given in April of 2014. Furthermore I feel that their are many examples of the respect and love mother's and women are given in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 1 Nephi 11 shows another example of that.

Nephi asked to see the vision of his Father. The first thing he sees is "the mother of the Son of God" -1Ne 11:18-. There are many other examples where a woman was placed first. The first one to see the resurrected Christ was Mary Magdalene. Eve was the first to partake of the fruit. Many people see this as a mistake, but I feel that Eve had foresight beyond Adam, and knew that the only way to have true joy would be to be faced with opposition. During his ministry, Christ used women as examples of devotion, love, and forgiveness, such as the widow's mite, the woman at the well, and the woman accused of adultery.

Nephi was shown the mother of Christ, and the birth of the savior before anything else, and Christ's reverence to women, should be exemplified in my life. The well-being of my wife is my first priority, and for many reasons. Nothing compares to the sacrifice a woman goes through to bring children into this world. I have been fortunate to see my wife selflessly go through pregnancy and childbirth multiple times. My best efforts to help her did little to ease her pain and discomfort, I do not know how I would handle such drastic changes to my body (just imagining it seems crazy!). Yet my wife did it, and through her selfless love has fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams to become a father. I am nothing without her.

As men can do little to help a woman's pain and discomfort during pregnancy (although we, as husbands, should try our best), women deserve every comfort a man can offer, especially as a father. Which is why I think that when I am around the kids with my wife, no matter how long a day I have had at work or whatever my ailments, she should not have to take turns with me changing diapers, putting kids to bed, or whatever family responsibilities are left for the day. She is a mother all day, she was pregnant for 9 months, I can be a father the rest of the evening, and after the kids are in bed, then I can be her husband, and nothing could make me happier.

This past mother's day I made these certificates and presented them to my wife. Now to follow through!

This post was centered on the actions of my wife as a mother which is only one of the many mother's that have influenced my life. My respect and love for my own mother is another subject that begs eternal respect and praise. How do you honor the women in your life? 

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