Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"I believe all the words of my father"

Nephi believed "all of the words of [his] father -1 Ne 11:5-, but still desired to see what his father saw. This really opens up a lot of questions for me about what Nephi was thinking. He believed, but he wanted to SEE. I don't know what his motives were, was he just curious? Did he just want to know what his father saw? Did he just want more detail? Whatever the reason, he was given another reason as to why he would see a vision; to bear witness of Jesus Christ.

I also wonder about this father and son relationship between Lehi and Nephi. Why did Nephi believe his father? Why did Laman and Lemuel not believe. I assume they all heard the same things from Lehi, what was the difference? I think the difference was the desire of the children. Just as Nephi wanted to see the vision his father saw, Laman and Lamuel, we learn later, did not even bother to ask what anything meant. I want my kids to ask questions and seek out answers on their own, but we first have to give them something to think about. I am going to share more of my experiences with my children. I can recall many experiences from my mother, including her conversion story. I heard my father speak in church probably close to 100 times. Without even thinking about it, these stories and experiences were probably what caused me to ask in prayer like Nephi and "desire to behold the things which my father (and mother) saw".

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