Thursday, May 16, 2013

Talking it through

1 Nephi 5

In a moment of weakness we are able to see the recorded disagreement between a prophet and his wife. The squabble was over the children, of course. Their struggles, specifically Sariah were not  how to raise them, but if they were still alive. She showed a lack of faith in God and a lack of faith in Lehi as a prophet calling him a "visionary man". I don't blame her, I am sure she was worried sick when her children did not come back, and Lehi was receiving the brunt of it.

So how did Lehi react to these accusations? With faith. He reiterated that because he was a "visionary man" they were able to escape Jerusalem before its destruction and they were to be blessed with "a land of promise" and finally that he knew that their sons would be all right. I suppose that he knew that she just needed to talk through it and that this experience would help increase her faith after it was over...And that is what happened. After their sons returned she recounted that now she knew "with a surety" that Lehi received a vision and they were being led by God.

Talking through my problems with my wife always makes me feel better. I do not know how many times I have come to my wife with my grumblings of doubt and depression and she just listens, and then talks me through it and we move on. I know there are times when she is feeling stressed and knows what to do, but also just needs to talk through some things. Listening and encouragement are the key. Did you notice that Lehi didn't offer any advice to Sariah? Do you notice how he didn't nitpick and talk down to her? He simply restated why they were there and let the events unfold with faith. I am so thankful for my wife for allowing me to talk through my periods of self doubt and discouragement.

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