Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An oath

1 Nephi 4

Integrity is an important principle that is being lost in our selfish society. The current mentality that if nobody sees you or you don't get caught, then it is fine, is too prevalent. To the point where we cannot trust other people based on their word alone. Dishonesty, cheating, and inconsistency deplete the honor, trust, and respect that could make for much healthier communities.

Nephi met Zoram, and did not personally know him, yet once Nephi made an oath "that he need not fear" and Zoram made an oath that he wanted to stay their "fears did cease concerning him". How great would this be if we could trust people by their word. Inclusive in that trust is our children and spouse being able to trust us in our words. Our children are watching and have an innate sense of justice. They are aware when we say things we do not mean, or when we act different than our words. They need to see integrity in the home so they can then use integrity wherever they go. I think this is a vital part of the necessity of families. Children need to see parents that are honest with each other, and honest with them. If our families were built on honesty and integrity, our communities and society would be more dependable and we could trust each other.

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